GDPR compliance

What data is collected?

AI&II only collect data that you have personally entered in the survey. Your IP-address may be logged for diagnostic purposes, and will subsequently be removed within 1 week of page access. 

Why do we collect data?

We collect the survey information only to register you as an attendee of the ‘Amsterdam UMC AI&II Annual Symposium’. For this goal, we require identifying information such as your name. 

How will my data be used?

Your data will used in order to register you. As AI&II is the event host, they require your information to make arrangements for the AI&II Annual Symposium. 

How long will my data be kept?

Your data will be removed no more than 24 months after the AI&II Annual Symposium. AI&II will use this data to prepare and improve the next symposium. 

Is my data stored securely?

Your data is safely stored in a password-protected database that is not publicly accessible. The database itself is hosted on a VPS, access is regulated by public/private key cryptography. Any data sent over the internet while submitting the form is protected by SSL, provided by lets encrypt. 

Respondent rights

All contact is performed though AI&II, email address If you wish to remove or alter your submission data, please contact AI&II through this email address.