Deadline abstract submission:
24 May 2021

Please include the following information in your abstract:

o    AII Program (Calibri 14, Inflammatory Diseases, Infectious Diseases or Cancer Immunology)  
o    Abstract title (Calibri 14, bold, max of 25 words)  
o    Author names (presenting author first; Calibri 14, italic, maximum of 10 names)  
Use this format:    1Jansen J,2Smit BL,…… 
o    Author affiliation (max. 3 lines, Calibri 12)  
Use this format:    1dept. of Radiology,    2dept. of Pathology, ….  
o    Abstract (Calibri 14, max 250 words)

The talks of the 2 parallel sessions are guided by abstracts.
All researchers (especially PhD students and postdocs) are encouraged to submit an abstract of maximally 1 A4 (incl. abstract title, author names and affiliation) in PDF format.

All abstracts will be published online.
Oral presentations in the parallel sessions will be assigned based on submitted abstracts.
Prizes of 250 euros will be awarded to the top presentations of each session.

You agree with the “Privacy statement” and to share the data in this form with AII.

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